The International Street Dog Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of street dogs around the world.

  • Rehoming dogs in extreme need
  • Providing medical assistance to dogs
  • Spay and neuter clinics
  • Raising awareness on issues facing dogs around the world
  • Influencing governments to implement and enforce animal welfare laws


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My name is Katie.

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Did you know that Kate Middleton, for all her fame, is merely the FIRST Princess Katie? Because once upon a time, in the kingdom of Thailand long long ago (well…in 2013, at any... READ MORE

My name is Meila.

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I am an adorable, super-affectionate 5 year old spayed female who resembles a miniature German Shepherd, as I weigh in at just 35 pounds. It’s hard to believe it when you meet me... READ MORE

My name is Ayla.

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I don’t remember who named me anymore; that was 5 long years ago. But I can tell you this – in Turkish, Ayla means “halo of light around the moon”. On many a night... READ MORE