GREAT NEWS! Little Akin, now named Lincoln, has gone home with his new family – Deanne and Bruce Gackowski and their daughter Kalyn of Kansasville, WI.  Akin is a Dog Meat Trade Survivor from Thailand.

Oh what a happy day for Lincoln.  Little did he know when he woke up this morning that his life would change forever.  Lincoln immediately took to Deanne, Bruce and Kalyn.  Especially, Kalyn who was thrilled and returned his admiration.  He drove away comfortably positioned on Kalyn’s lap for the ride home and upon arriving at his new home he explored much of his new 5 acre yard and got to meet horses and his new feline sibling.  Oh so much excitement!  This sweet boy who has been through so much hardship is in for a life filled with much love, new adventures and fun times.

Thank you to Tinka von Nebenan for sponsoring Lincoln’s food and medical costs for the last few years at Elfes World.  Thank you to Elfe for giving such loving care to Lincoln in Koh Samui, Thailand over the last few years and working so incredibly hard to give him a second chance.  The sacrifice and effort that you go through to care for the over 600 dogs in your care is really awe-inspiring.  Only possible, if driven from a place deep within.  Most importantly thank you to Deanne, Bruce and Kalyn for opening your hearts and home to Lincoln.

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Pre-Adoption Post

Akin is an approximately 4 year old male.  He is current on vaccinations and neutered.

Akin was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand by the Elfesworld Rescue.  Akin is a very loving dog.  He is very affectionate and playful.  He has a lovely personality and will engage with anyone who comes his way.  He will put his paw on you and try to kiss you – yes on the first date.. 🙂  He looks like an adorable mix of Jack Russell and Corgi.  Founder, Dawn Trimmel met him on a visit to Elfes World in 2014 and he captured her heart right away.

Akin was rescued in 2013 from the brutal dog meat trade in Thailand.  After his smugglers truck was seized by the Royal Thai Police he was taken to the Thai Government Shelter Khemmerat where he would not have survived long.  Luckily his good looks most likely saved his life as a kind sponsor, named Tinka von Nebenan all the way from Germany saw his picture and paid to have him medically treated and flow to ElfesWorld on the island Koh Samui.  There he has lived outdoors with over 600 other dogs for over 3 years.  Elfe gives as much love and attention as she can to the dogs in her care but there simply isn’t enough time in a day……  The reality most dogs are starved for human attention.  It breaks Elfe’s heart to not be able to provide more to them.  Some dogs like Akin are especially human orientated and will whine when you leave her kennel run which is even more heartbreaking.  In addition, small dogs like Akin sometimes are picked on by the larger dogs since it’s still a “survival of the fittest” environment.  Elfe would like nothing more than to see sweet Akin have a home of his own with lots of love and attention – a fulfilled life.  Luckily we had a flight volunteer traveling to Chicago on October 21st who was willing to act as a flight volunteer.  Akin he should have no trouble finding a loving home here as he is so adorable and corgi mixes are very popular.  I mean really – how could anyone resist his sweet little face?

Although Akin gets along with other dogs he can be “untrusting” at first as he has had many bad encounters with other dogs.  It may take time for him to become friends with another dog.  But as usual time and patience are the key to success.  Akin is now in Wonder Lake, IL where he is being fostered with several other dogs and he is doing great.  Still feeling out his surroundings and a little reserved, he always has time to give you a kiss… 🙂  Akin is cage trained and has excellent house manners.

If you are interested in adopting AKIN, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here



  • age / weight 4-5 yrs old / 25 lbs
  • gender male