Angel found her forever home with Keana Omdoll and K-9 brother Grizzly of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Angel is a rescue from the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Keana fell in love with Angel from afar and was anticipating her arrival to the states. She had wanted a second dog for sometime. Her dog Grizzly needed a playmate who is young and loves to play with other dogs. Also Grizzly has separation anxiety when his mom is away from the home. With Angel there with him while mom is away his anxiety is dissipating. The two dogs hit it off right away on their first meeting. They went for a walk together all tail wags and eager to sniff each other and then eager to play.

Keana tells me that upon arriving home the two had a little adjustments to make as Grizzly realized that Angel was home to stay but They worked through it and now the 2 are even sharing food and water bowls. Keana also imformed us that she has cameras setup in her home so that when she is not there she is still able to keep an eye on the pups!

Thank you to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better for saving Angel and giving her the opportunity to live a fulfilled life! Most important thank you to Keana for opening your heart and home to Angel!

Rescue Story

Klang, like many urban Asian areas, has two faces. It is both the royal city and formal capital of Selangor, Malaysia, a city of historical importance since prehistoric times, and today, a hub of commerce and modern elegance. It also has its share of urban struggles, from areas of overcrowding to gang violence.

One afternoon in the late summer of 2014, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better received an urgent text from a concerned citizen along with an accompanying photo. MDDB was horrified to see two nearly-newborn male puppies whose bodies were covered in maggot-infested, gaping wounds.
The accompanying text described the location of the pitiful pups and their family – Mama had birthed her pups in her home neighborhood, in the back alley behind a number of mainly food shops. The alley was filthy and rat-infested, vermin being attracted to the food waste dumped daily here. Worst of all, employees of a coffee shop routinely threw scalding water at the local street dogs in an effort to keep them away from the attractions of this alley.
The two male pups – later to be named Fred and Barney – plus their sister, Angel, were in grave danger, as was their mother. The males were already close to death.
Volunteers immediately answered the call. On-site, they found the boys and rushed them to a veterinary clinic for emergency care. Fred ultimately survived, but tragically, Barney’s little body had endured more than he could manage at such a tender age. He crossed the rainbow bridge a week later.
Meanwhile, the volunteers returned to the alley, knowing there was a mother dog and more siblings in urgent need. Soon, the rest of Angel’s family was safely retrieved and all came under the loving and protective umbrella of MDDB.
Weeks of TLC and healing passed, and the little ones were ready for adoption. Adorable and tiny, they were all adopted rapidly. Angel went into a home that seemed perfect on paper. But just three months later, the family returned her, for nothing other than having typical puppy antics and habits.
Angel returned to MDDB’s halfway-home in Klang last January, where she reunited with her mother. She has been living there ever since, and is now a year and a half old.
The halfway-house is a lovely haven for street dogs – but it is far from providing the comforts a real home and family would offer. Angel is incredibly friendly, intelligent, very gentle, and wants nothing more than the love and affection only a forever home can offer. ISDF would love to help her realize her dream, at long last!

Angel is spayed and fully vaccinated. She adore human company and does very well with the other dogs in the halfway-house. Angel will arrive with Mickey on February 19th into Chicago to find her forever home.


  • Hometown Klang, MALAYSIA
  • Age/Weight 1.5 yrs/35 lbs
  • Gender Female spayed
  • Rescuer Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better