Axel is HOME!!! Axel was born on the streets of New Delhi, India. Now he will become a pampered pooch who is loved and part of his own family for life!! He joined Lorri and Todd Houde of Rockford, IL.

Axel now has a K-9 brother named Hayden and a large fenced in yard to play with him in. His new parents Todd and Lorri were just overwhelmed with emotion upon meeting him. Lorri and Todd came with gifts for our other fosters Isha and Borham. Lorri told me she was so excited for the meeting and she read his story and looked at his pictures over and over. She was moved to tears thinking about the what ifs that could have happened had angels not appeared in Axels life and she counted her blessings to have him join her family. It was as if they loved him long before the meeting …. Perhaps before they even came across his picture. Axel is in the home he was destined to be with. I witnessed a miracle of the best kind today and feel extremely blessed to have played a small part of it.

Many thanks to all who have helped Axel along the way. If it weren’t for Sonia Heller who rescued and fostered him he would most likely not be alive today and certainly wouldn’t be given the opportunity to a fulfilled life full of love. Thank you to Meg Hart and her dad Bob for welcoming Axel and Tosh to the USA today and transporting them to ISDF. As always it’s only through the efforts of many that these happy endings can happen.

Most importantly thank you to Lorri for making Axel’s dream come true



Axel, is a  16 month old male who is neutered and vaccinated. Axel was rescued from a garbage dump in New Delhi, India together with his brother Slash in March 2015. Both brothers were exhausted and very hungry. Axel was particularly skinny. His whole body was covered with fleas and ticks but despite his terrible condition, he was waggling his tail frantically and followed his rescuer home where he and his brother received a good meal after a thorough bath. They were tiny pups at that time and quickly bonded with their rescuer, Sonia Heller, whom they followed all over the house. .

After 6 weeks of treatment, love and care, Axel and his brother Slash grew into happy, fluffy and vivacious dogs, quickly making friends with the other rescued dogs living on the farm.

Axel has developed a very sensitive nature, he is nurturing towards the pups and the younger dogs and gets along well with other dogs. He is very attached to people and quickly bonds with them. He has turned into a beautiful healthy sporty active dog and would be a great match for an active and sporty person, who likes to run and spend time outside.

Axel will be arriving into Chicago at the end of May and is looking for his forever home.

If you are interested in adopting please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148


  • AGE/WEIGHT 16 months /40
  • gender male / neutered