GREAT NEWS….. Bailey is HOME!! Bailey has been in the US for 10 months patiently waiting for her family to arrive. Bailey is a dog meat trade rescue from Thailand. She resided at a Elfe’s World for 3 years on the island of Koh Samui after her rescue from the DMT.

Yesterday she joined Jacqueline Alcantar of Mt Prospect, IL. Bailey is a very special dog with the most loving sassy personality. But she is what you would call a “hard to adopt dog” due to her reactiveness to strangers. You have to earn her trust.

Over the months she has had many visitors but she was waiting for the right one. Then Jackie came over and low and behold Bailey was jumping on her lap and giving her kisses within the hour. She was not going to let her leave without her. And so it was….

Jackie – an avid dog lover was waiting for the right time to welcome a dog into her home… right home… right job. The time was right. She wanted a dog that needed her … one that didn’t have a lot of prospects. One that needed her love to flourish. She found that dog.

Jackie tells me Bailey is doing great… Happy as can be … enjoying her walks and cuddle time. She is the queen of her very own home now. ❤️🐶

Another fairytale come true. Thank you to Elfe for saving her life and giving her such loving care over the years. Most of all thank you Jacqueline for making Bailey and Elfe’s dreams come true.

You too can save a life….

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BAILEY – 5 yr old female, spayed

Bailey was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand by the Elfesworld Rescue.  Bailey is a very loving dog, very easy and low maintenance.  She melts at human interaction and loves nothing more than to hang out with her humans.  Although she is not needy – she is content to hang out and just chill on her own too.  She asks for so little and gives so much in return.  She loves walks and cuddles.  Bailey has excellent house manners and is very low maintenance. Bailey is about 25 pounds and resembles a corgi/terrier mix.

Bailey was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand in 2012 when the truck the smugglers were transporting her in was pulled over by the Royal Thai Police.  Hundreds of dogs were taken that day to the Khemmerat Government Livestock Shelter in NE Thailand.  This was not really a shelter but a livestock facility with no separations for the dogs – it WAS NOT designed for dogs and the Thai authorities were also not prepared to care for the thousands of dogs that started to pour into their facilities after the Thai government starting cracking down on this barbaric practice.  The government lacked money, time, and know how…. the result a tragedy for the dogs of Thailand.  These dogs who survived the barbaric dog meat trade and were taken to so called safety, sadly most didn’t survive a few weeks there and after 6 months almost all passed.  They died from overcrowding, starvation, dog fights, and disease.  At this time volunteers desperate to help these poor victims would visit to the live stock shelter and take pictures of the dogs arriving and post to social media sites in hopes that some one would see their picture and get them out …. all running against the clock.  Bailey was one of these lucky dogs who made it out of Khemmerat.  Charlotte Amon saw her sad face and donated money to have her pulled, medically treated and flown to Koh Samui to go to Elfe’s Shelter.  She lived at Elfes World for over 2 years and was safe and had medical and food.  But it is no life for a dog and she was lonely and longs for a family of her own.  She has been at the shelter long enough…. now is her time to experience a life fulfilled.

Bailey arrived into Chicago with Spike and Kailey on July 27th.  Bailey is still looking for her forever home.  Bailey is now in foster care in Wonder Lake, IL and doing very well.  ISDF believes that Bailey was someone’s pet before being abducted in the dog meat trade and Charlotte has confirmed that the initial pictures of Bailey after her rescue from the DMT showed she had a collar on.  This makes Bailey’s story even more tragic.  She is very human orientated and loves to spend time with her humans.  She will sit on your lap and hang out with you as long as you let her. She has discovered the “fun” of toys and is starting to show a playful side.  She caught on quickly to basic obedience commands and has great house manners.  She is smart and picks up on things quickly.  She enjoys her bones, watching TV and exploring the yard.  The spark in her eyes continues to grow and she is learning what it is like to “live the good life’.  Little does she know the joy that awaits once she finds her forever home and will be the center of her new family’s attention.

Bailey will make a great addition to a family, with or without other dogs, who has the time and patience to continue her progress in training and who are willing to open their hearts to this sweet soul.  She doesn’t demand much activity but enjoys her walks and discovering new things.

Bailey is potty trained, cage trained, and has great house manners.

If you are interested in adopting BAILEY, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here



  • AGE / WEIGHT 5 YRS / 25 pounds
  • gender female