I am Batty.

I’m a real sweetheart who was luckily rescued from the horrific dog meat trade one and a half years ago. I narrowly escaped death – twice actually. First, from the dog meat traders…and second, from the perils of the government livestock center where I was brought after my rescue. Fate has greater things in store for me, I hope…

I am a 2 year old spayed female who weighs 22 pounds. I love nothing more than to give kisses to kind people who visit our sanctuary! I am starved for human attention since over 640 dogs live here alongside me, many of us rescued from the same perils. I would love to be in the center of a shining spotlight in your home! I have so much love to give you in return.

Read my full story HERE.

If you are interested in adopting Batty, please contact Dawn Trimmel at trimmel@usa.net or 414-426-4148.


  • Hometown Koh Samui, THAILAND
  • Age/Weight 22 lbs/2 years
  • Gender Spayed female
  • Rescuer Elfesworld sanctuary