GREAT NEWS…. KIA … AKA BEE BEE IS HOME!!! Kia has joined the family of Claire Landowski of West Allis, WI. Kia went home with Claire last week and today I stopped over to visit them. Claire told me that Kia has fit in perfectly into her life. They go on long walks everyday and enjoy relaxing evenings together at home. Kia quickly found her way into Claire’s heart and the loving bond between them was clear to see. Kia was so content and calm – as if she could finally relax into the comfort and security of knowing she has finally found her human and her home. It has been a long journey for Kia being born on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kia was pregnant when rescued by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better MDDB#. MDDB took in Kia and cared for her and her pups. Luckily all of her pups were adopted locally but unfortunately for adult street dogs the chance of local adoption is very slim. Kia was such a loving and nurturing dog at the shelter always caring for and attending to the pups and older dogs at the shelter that MDDB couldn’t bear to see her live out her days at the shelter. She deserved a loving home and thanks to Claire she has found it. Huge thanks to Wani and all the amazing people at MDDB for saving Kia and her pups and for making it possible for Kia to find her happy ending. To learn more about ISDF please visit You can sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly updates.


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Bee Bee was born a street dog in Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur where life is always uncertain. Luckily, she was born near university campus housing so she spent her first year of life being cared for by university students.

Unfortunately, two incidents occurred that would change her life forever. First, when the students were due to return home for a three-month semester break, they became frantic with worry about their mascot. This particular area is also home to many roaming street dog gangs and “feeding colonies” (cared for by compassionate humans) but Bee Bee belonged to neither. Gangs and feeding colonies alike would surely attack her if she wandered near them in search of food. Second, the students realized by her burgeoning belly that Bee Bee was now pregnant to boot! Her brood was born just days before the break began. As the students packed their bags and anxiously checked on her new family, they realized they were unable to leave her in good conscience. With babies in tow, and needing food more than ever, Bee Bee was in a very vulnerable state.

The students reached out to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) and begged for help. Bee Bee was taken under their loving wing and thrived at the shelter for many months. One by one, Bee Bee bade her adopted babies goodbye. She was still relatively happy at the shelter however, until the day an alpha male arrived and badly attacked her, leaving her terribly shaken. Since that time, she has refused to rejoin her housemates, instead isolating herself in the living quarters of shelter workers. She busies herself caring for orphaned newborn puppies. However, this sweet and lovable girl truly deserves a brighter future than a corner of small living quarters and a nursemaid job when needed.

Bee Bee is a 2 year old spayed female, weighing approximately 30 lbs. The International Street Dog Foundation looks forward to welcoming Bee Bee to Chicago with open arms in late April/early May. We know the perfect family is out there just waiting for her to join them and make them complete!

  • Hometown Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  • Age/Weight 2 yrs/30 lbs
  • Gender Female/spayed
  • Rescuer Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better