Patient BoBo has finally found her forever home with Nick Galdine who actually lives right down the road from ISDF base! Nick and his 25 pound kitty cat have generously opened their heart’s and home to submissive BoBo who is now named Charlene! Nick informed us that he takes Charlene on 2 mile runs every morning! Also Nick’s parents recently did a foster to adopt with our recent rescue Bonnie! So it’s safe to say Charlene and Bonnie will be forever ISDF rescue pals!
Thanks so much to Nick Galdine for giving Charlene the home and love she has been waiting for!
Rescue Story
Sweet, playful, beautiful BoBo was born on the streets of Subang Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia. She has adapted quickly to her foster home in the states and is easy going, attentive, likes people, good with children, likes other dogs (although is shy at first), is crate trained, house trained, and will fit into almost any home. She was one of a large litter – nine surviving pups in total! – born to a mama who loved her babies and tried her best to bring them up by a busy roadside.
One terrible day, while she was still nursing her little ones, Mama was hit by a car and left to die at the side of the road. Good Samaritans tried to save her, but sadly, it was too late for Mama.
Luckily for her helpless babies, however, they were brought to safety with Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) – otherwise, they would have quickly perished from starvation and speeding cars.
Like her, BoBo’s eight siblings survived under the loving care of dedicated MDDB volunteers.
But unlike BoBo, one by one, they were adopted and swept away to new homes.
BoBo was not only the most timid of her littermates, but she also had the misfortune of having a black coat with white paws. Among Asian immigrants into Malaysia, many believe that a black dog with white paws brings bad luck. As a result, dogs and cats with this coat characteristic are tragically among the hardest to place in Malaysia.
One and a half years passed, and BoBo languished at the shelter still.
MDDB knew that her best shot – possibly, her only shot, due to their large population of dogs with such coloration – lay in overseas adoption.
BoBo arrived into the USA just a few weeks ago with her traveling companion, Sasha. She was in an amazing foster home with ISDF friends, the Moreau family, and we are very grateful for their loving care as they taught her all about life in a home as an American doggie! You can see a few photos of BoBo at the Moreau home at the end of the attached slideshow. What a beauty!
She is now in foster care with Dawn Trimmel in Wonder Lake and continues to thrive. She enjoys playing with the other foster dogs and giving love to the humans in the household.

Thank you to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better for saving BoBo & giving her the chance of better life!


  • Hometown Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  • Age/Weight 1.5 yrs/35 lbs
  • Gender Female spayed
  • Rescuer Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better