GREAT NEWS …. Charlotte is HOME! Yesterday she joined Jay and family of GraysLake, IL. Charlotte was born on the streets of New Delhi, India and went home a day after arriving into the US.

Jay is a BIG TIME dog lover and had been looking for a new addition to his family for several months. His last 2 dogs passed away in last couple years and the house felt empty without having a dog. When he and his wife saw Charlotte they “fell in love”. It didn’t take long after meeting her to know she was “the one”.

Charlotte loves to give kisses and immediately gave out kisses and not long after their arrival Charlotte was curled up next to them as if she knew.

Thank you to all who have helped Charlotte on her journey especially Pragya who rescued this sweet girl and fostered in New Delhi. Thanks to Premlata Choudhary and Isobel Grant who helped make this happy ending possible. As always it’s through the efforts of many that enable these miracles to occur.

Most importantly thank you to Jay and family for opening their hearts and home to sweet Charlotte.

Charlotte’s sister Mavis is still looking for her forever home.



About Charlotte

Charlotte is a rescue from the streets of New Delhi, India.  Charlotte is beautiful, loving, gentle, playful & cuddly. She loves to play with her sister Mavis in the water, fetch and enjoy belly rubs. Charlotte has a shiny black coat; is very intelligent and a fast learner. She understands basic commands like sit, wait, no, stop etc and are toilet trained as well. She has been given them basic obedience training along with leash and crate training.

Charlotte is very sensitive, she understands human emotions and consoles me during tough times. She’s very obedient too. She is a little wary of strangers and takes time to trust new people but not for more than an hour.

Both Charlotte and Mavis have been a team since the beginning; it’d be great if they get adopted together. They wake their foster up in the morning and signal when they want to pee so that I can take them out. They bring soo much joy and happy energy, they are fun to be with. They are great companions, they respect boundaries too. I wish Mia was with us too.  Charlotte arrives this Friday, September 2, 2016.


If you are interested in adopting CHARLOTTE, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148 or at  You can find our adoption application here

Rescuer’s Story

During my regular stray dog feeding round, a watchman requested me to take care of a litter of puppies in our park in which two puppies had already died but three were still alive. When I went inside the park, I realised one of the females that I had raised, along with her two brothers last year, had had a litter. I remember calling the dog catchers twice to get her spayed but she managed to run away both times. I was shocked that they were under my nose and yet I did not notice their existence probably because I never go inside the park. I started taking care of the remaining three puppies and named them Charlotte, Mavis and Mia, feeding them every 3 hours and their mother as well. They grew into beautiful, bright, happy and healthy babies. On 12th February 2016, when I went to feed them, I noticed Mia was missing along with her grandmother. I thought she had gone for a stroll with her grandmother because Mavis did that too once and they came back after an hour. I left for a meeting and returned after three hours but Mia was still missing. Then I started taking rounds of our block and that was when I saw her lifeless body in the parking lot, ants were crawling all over her. I was told that a car had hit her, a crowd gathered but no one helped her nor did they think to call me for help. I buried her body in the park at her favorite spot and filed a complaint at the police station to look at the footage of the surveillance cameras to establish the culprit and arrest him/her. Sadly, despite calling the Investigating Officer four to five times a day, he made excuses and told me he was busy and did not help at all. I was later told by my neighbors that he wants money otherwise he wouldn’t help. The night after I buried Mia, someone called the dogcatchers in the morning. They took Mia’s grandmother for sterilization but her mother managed to run away this time as well leaving Charlotte and Mavis alone. These kids were petrified and kept hiding in the park because they thought they have lost their family. I wanted to bring them home immediately but having appealed for their adoption several times which went unanswered, I was afraid of bringing them home and finding no one adopts them as I cannot look after them long term.  I did not want them to be brought off the street and then need to be returned to the street as I felt this would be cruel to them.  Being a student I cannot adopt them because my future is very uncertain and I have already have two adopted dogs and three cats that live with my mother in my hometown. I was devastated and so were these kids and it was then that Isobel Grant came to our rescue. She offered to help with their adoption and as soon as I spoke to her over the phone, I ran towards the park and brought both the kids home.

Charlotte will be arriving on Friday, September 2, 2016 and ISDF is excited to welcome them to the US!  If you are interested in adopting please contact Dawn at or call at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here.

  • Hometown New Delhi, India
  • age / weight 4 months / 30-35 pounds
  • gender female