GREAT NEWS…… Clyde is HOME!!!

Clyde has joined Wayne and Carol of Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Clyde has found his place – the place he was destined to be where he can flourish and be loved beyond words.  Clyde lives with Carol and Wayne on a working farm with more than 40 acres.  There is never a dull day for Clyde as he accompanies his parents EVERY WHERE – each day holds a new adventure for Clyde and he is loving in.  He loves making rounds with his parents for chores or riding in the pick up truck to go into town.  He has found the joy of digging holes and running free.

Carol and Wayne lost their black lab around 3 years ago and have been searching since to find the right companion.  It was as if Clyde was destined to be with them.  When they saw him they immediately thought what a beautiful dog and he looks so much like our last dog.  They took him home to try a foster to adopt – Clyde jumped right into their truck that first day.  I talked to Carol the next day and she said he has been so good and has fit right in – it must be too good to be true.  Three days later he was home.  He continued to bond with them and learn the ropes – a more loyal and loving companion could not be found.  Wayne was moved to tears when he was describing the love and joy Clyde has brought into their life.

Definitely a fairy tale ending for Clyde.  Thank you to Sonia Heller for rescuing Clyde and fostering him for over 5 months in New Delhi. Most importantly thank you to Carol and Wayne for opening your hearts and home to this wonderful boy!


Pre-Adoption Post

Clyde is a very handsome 12 month old dog, rescued from the streets of New Delhi, India.  He is a very loving  and loyal dog who wants nothing more then to hang out with his people.  He is good with other dogs.  He knows basic obedience and is potty trained.  He has great house manners and a calm temperament.  He will be a perfect dog for someone who wants a low maintenance companion who has lots of love to share.

Here is Clyde’s story as told from Sonia. “Clyde and his sister Bonnie came to us after a kind soul decided to bring them to her home as their mother was no more. This kind old Indian lady fostered them and fed them at the bottle day & night. As it was getting difficult for the lady to look after them because of her old age, it was decided that Bonnie & Clyde would come to us; at that time they were about 3 weeks old. Dieter & I assumed they were born on 28 May 2014. Bonnie has already been adopted and Clyde is still looking for his home sweet home.”

If you are interested in adopting Clyde, please contact Dawn Trimmel at or 414-426-4148.
  • Hometown New Delhi, INDIA
  • Estimated adult weigtht 50 pounds
  • 1 year