GREAT NEWS … Koby is HOME!! Koby was rescued from the streets of Oman and has had a couple trial and errors in searching for his family.

Tonight the stars aligned and he finally found them. Koby joined Jim and Julie Trojan of Hainesville, IL and their two children.

The shopping began yesterday as Koby’s new parents wanted to make sure everything was ready for the big day – like expectant new parents which they were. I knew Koby found the right home when Jim said this will be Koby’s last home. The entire family loves him and are committed to creating an environment where Koby can flourish.

Thank you to Omani Paws for rescuing this sweet boy and giving him this amazing opportunity to live a fulfilled life. Thank you to JoAnne Jo Heidenberger for fostering this sweet boy in Chicago and the many others who have helped him along the way. Most importantly thank you to the Trojan’s for making Koby’s dreams come true.

You too can save a life

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Pre-Adoption Coby’s Rescue Story

Coby is a sweet and loving 5 ½ month old puppy who will capture your heart with his adorable brown eyes.  Although Coby is a little shy, he warms up to you quickly and loves to be close to people.  When he is not snuggling, he enjoys looking out the window and taking in what is happening outside.  His favorite toy is a stuffed giraffe named Bob and he loves to chew on various dog friendly bones.

Walking is a favorite of Coby’s which is most likely why he is so good on a leash.  He is a little unsure of people and other animals that he may see on his walk so he looks to the person walking him for reassurance.  Coby is crate trained for when someone can’t be home with him.  He feels most comfortable when he has a bone or two to chew on to keep him busy while in his crate.  He is housebroke and sleeps through the night without needing to go outside overnight.

Coby would do very well with another dog in the house.  He is very outgoing once he is comfortable with his surroundings and the people around him.  Having another dog in the house will continue to help him feel less uneasy.  Coby knows basic commands and he shares well.  He has no issues with food or toy aggression.

Shorter car rides have been fun for Koby and with practice and age, he will do well with longer trips.  Coby has visited the vet a few times for his shots and he has been easy to work with.  He is a little unsure of the people at the vet but when reassured, he does a great job.  He is up-to-date on all of his shots and he weighed in at 31.6 pounds at his most recent vet checkup.

Coby is looking for his forever home and he will make a great addition to any household.

Let’s explore!  Let’s cuddle!  Let’s observe!  Let’s run!  Now, I just need… you!  I am a loving, playful pup, and by the time you are done reading my story, you’ll be desperate to meet me (and my brother Karl!).  We are very lucky pups from Oman who have traveled a long way to find our Forever Homes.  But, we almost didn’t get the chance…

Carl, and another brother and I were saved as young pups by an awesome rescuer named Nada.  She had been informed that the three of us – along with over 15+ other dogs! – were living under a mobile home.  We lived in a high-risk location where police have permission to shoot street dogs.  To kill us.  Absolutely terrible!  Thankfully, Nada acted quickly and rescued us.  Phew!  We have been safe and loved in her care since that day because we are her foster pups.  We are currently four months-old, vaccinated, and healthy.

Nada says that I am an inquisitive, happy boy with a high energy level.  In my foster home, I live with over 30 dogs and cats, so I know how to play and interact with other animals.

Oman is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.  It has wonderful national treasures, vivid landscapes… and thousands of “wadi” – or street – dogs.  These wadi dogs can be seen virtually everywhere.  Unfortunately, they face the same plight as dogs in many Muslim countries where they are generally viewed as unclean and not fit to be pets.  Dog ownership is rare, and when they are owned, dogs are usually not allowed in the house.  Pets are viewed more commonly as guard dogs who roam the outside vicinity of the property.  The government doesn’t have humane animal welfare laws, and, worse yet, police have open rights to shoot “any and all” street dogs.  There is no requirement that the dogs have to be a nuisance or sick; rather, they will be killed just for having the unfortunate luck of being born on the streets in Oman.  It is a common practice.  Many wadi dogs suffer a slow, painful death caused by festering gunshot wounds.  If a gunshot does not kill them, street dogs die of disease, starvation, abuse by people, vehicles, and extreme weather conditions.  In the summer, the temperature can easily soar to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Most Omani street dogs do not survive beyond the age of three.

 Rescue Partner: Nada Al Moosa

Arrival: August 31, 2017

If you are interested in adopting COBY, please contact Dawn Trimmel at 414-426-4148. You can also find our adoption application here.

  • Home Country Muscat, Oman
  • AGE 6 months / 25 pounds
  • Gender male