GREAT NEWS…… Sweet Danya has found her home at long last with Theresa McCormick of Joliet, IL.

Danya is a dog meat trade survivor from Thailand who has lived at Elfes World in Koh Samui for close to 2 years.

Theresa is just relocating to the area after finishing her duties with the US armed services. She wanted a dog who would be a companion and a dog who was outgoing and social as she plans to take her many places with her. Danya came into the room and ran right up to her tail wagging. It was love at first site. Danya put on the charm with tail wags and kisses. It wasn’t long before Theresa said “This is the dog for me!” Theresa brought a toy with her for Danya and it wasn’t long before Danya claimed it for her own. Today the beginning of a beautiful new relationship has begun.

Thank you to Elfe for caring for sweet Danya in Thailand and working so hard to make sure she had a better future. Thank you to Theresa McCormick for opening your heart and home to Danya

Pre-Adoption Post

This is Danya, a sweet, very cute and petite female Thai street dog who was rescued from the horrific southeast Asian dog meat trade…luckily, she is now safe, but desperately craving a forever family to call her very own.
When Danya was rescued, she was in a ‘crush cage’ about to be illegally smuggled across Thailand’s border into Laos, and then Vietnam, where she would have been slowly tortured before being eaten – as adrenaline is thought to make dog meat more tasty. Today, against all odds, she is one of the lucky few to make it out of the meat trade and into a dog sanctuary!The Thai Royal Police, suspicious of a large tarp-covered truck that was about to cross the northern border, discovered dozens of dogs huddling in terror and crushed into rusty wire cages like sardines. They were rescued and sent to Nakhon Phanom, an overcrowded government livestock center where Danya was known only as NP-1659.
Danya had been saved – but was not yet safe. Unfortunately many dogs cannot survive being held at these government-run facilities due to overcrowding, lack of food and clean water, lack of medical care, and deadly diseases and dog fights.A kind person saw Danya’s photo and saved her life. She was sponsored, received medical treatment, and was transported to the Thai island of Koh Samui.
Danya arrived at Elfesworld, a dog sanctuary, on January 26, 2014 (you can see how happy she was to be in Elfe’s truck driving to her new home in the photo gallery above). She lives there today with nearly 700 other dogs, most of them fellow dog meat trade victims.Danya is a petite 3-year-old spayed female, weighing just 24 lbs. Elfe describes her as very people-loving, adorable, and loving and solicitous of sanctuary visitors from around the world.

For the past two years, Danya has lived in a large run with a group of mixed gender dogs, most of them meat trade victims like herself. There are issues at times – as often occurs with any large group of dogs confined to an area – but for the most part, Danya has done well with her peers.

However, unlike many former street dogs who can be shy with humans, Danya is a complete glutton for love and affection. She has grown increasingly sadder as two years have passed, waiting, it seems, for people to visit who will finally claim her as their own. Many visitors do come to Elfesworld from all over the world and she begs for attention from them all. Elfe is heartsick at watching Danya’s depression grow. This sweet beauty is in urgent need of a home and family to call her own, and adoptive homes domestically, in Thailand, can be hard to come by with so many street dogs in need.

Danya is one of the lucky few – she survived the meat trade AND the government shelter, and is under Elfe and her staff’s loving care. But being one of 700 dogs is not what this gal wants out of life.

The International Street Dog Foundation looks forward to welcoming Danya to Chicago with open arms. We know the perfect family is out there just waiting for her to join them and make them complete, and we cannot wait to see her in a forever home, at long last. Danya will arrive into the USA this coming Sunday, February 28, with fellow DMT survivor from Elfesworld, Snoopy. Both girls can’t wait to find forever families!

If you are interested in learning more about Danya, please contact Dawn Trimmel at or at 414-426-4148.

  • Hometown Koh Samui, THAILAND
  • Age/Weight 3 yrs/24 lbs
  • Gender Female spayed
  • Rescuer Elfesworld