GREAT NEWS! Hannah and Zoey have been adopted!
Yvonne Cole and her daughters Zoey and Bailey from Michigan near Grand Rapids came to adopt Hannah but fell in love with Zoey too. Hannah and Zoey are good friends and now they will get to be sisters.


Introducing Hannah

Gender: Female

Age: Approx 8-9 months

Spayed: Yes

Vaccinations: Completed

Weight: 32 pounds

Hometown: New Delhi, India


Hannah’s rescue (written by Hannah’s rescuer)

On the evening of Friday 6 May 2016, Arti (owner of Happy Paws – a street dog boarding facility in New Delhi, India) brought back three colony dogs that had been successfully treated for wounds and injuries. After dropping the dogs, Arti made her way out of the colony and as she was exiting the colony gate she thought she saw a kitten being chased by some dogs. On stopping her car and taking a closer look, the kitten turned out to be Hannah! Arti rang me (Isobel Grant) and I went to the place and we searched for Hannah’s mother but I knew the dogs in this lane were sterilised and there were no other puppies around. We checked with a few feeders in the colony who also confirmed there were no puppies in that area.

Hannah looked very bedraggled and thin with one or two bite marks and we began to assume she was most probably dumped. Arti took to her boarding centre where she stayed for a few days and had her wounds treated. She went into foster care with Arti’s mother on 12 May 2016 and was transferred to Sonia Nandal on 7 September 2016, so that she could be leash and crate trained.

About Hannah

Hannah is a very sweet girl, loves her humans and is also good with the cats! She is playful but calm with a gentle disposition. She also boards with other dogs and is house, leash and crate trained.  Hannah is a joy to be around and has so much to offer a lucky family.  Hannah arrived into Chicago from India with Nikku on December 27, 2016.  She is doing wonderful in her foster home in Wadsworth, IL.  She is as cute as a button and has a very spunky sweet personality.  She would do well in a home with another dog and a family that can offer her adequate exercise.

Please contact Dawn Trimmel at 414-426-4148 or email at if you are interested in adopting. You can find our adoption application here.