GREAT NEWS!!! Jason now called Jay Jay is HOME! JJ is an official member of the Merkel family of Lafayette, IN.

Jay Jay pictured here with sister Samantha is loving life!! He is loved, treasured and living the dream so to speak. The life every dog dreams of and so few street dogs get to experience.

Jay Jay was rescued with his siblings as young pups, from a rubber plantation in Phuket, Thailand. He is lucky to be alive today and luckier still to have found such a loving family. He was rescued by Tina Maria, the Founder of the Bodhi Rescue. Thank you Tina for saving this sweet soul and all your hard work to care for the neglected and abused street dogs of Phuket.

Lora was Jay Jay’s foster mom and recently determined that they could not part ways with this sweet boy. Lora surprised her daughter recently by taking Samantha to a pet store to have a dog tag made with their home information on it. It was a touching video in which Samantha sheds tears of joy. ISDF couldn’t be happier for Jay Jay and the Merkel family. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

To make this fairy tale even more unbelievable is that Jay Jay’s sister Pixie lives up the street with close family friends, the Naglers, allowing these close siblings to stay in each others lives and have regular play dates. Sometimes things are just meant to be.


Pre-Adoption Rescue Story

Jason was born to in a liter of 7 puppies on a rubber plantation in Phuket Thailand in February of this year. Life for these pups at an early age was rough…. and they were not faring well. Malnourished and in constant danger from poisoning and the danger of local street traffic their lives were perilous to say the least. Tina Maria, Founder of the Bodhi Rescue came across them on a spay/neuter run in the area. Her heart went out to them and she took all 7 siblings under her care at her shelter. The puppies are now healthy, happy-go-lucky 7 months old puppies. However, their future is bleak, as they have little chance of local adoption. While Jason has food and shelter and is safe from many of the dangers of the street – he is still just existing. He lives with over 100 street dog rescues located on temple grounds (Bodhi Rescue). Tina Marie does the best she can to care for all the dogs at the shelter – however, there is just not enough time in a day to properly supervise all the dogs and give them the much needed one on one time. ISDF is raising money to bring Jason and his sister Pixie to Chicago so that they will have their chance at happiness in loving homes. Please consider donating here. A second chance to lead a fulfilled life without fear – the chance that so many street dogs around the world will never know.  Jason and his sister Pixie arrive into  Chicago on May 31, 2016.  Jason will be fostered in Lafayette, IN.  Pixie has a home waiting but Jason is still looking for his forever family.

Jason loves to play and enjoys spending time with other dogs, especially his sister Pixie. He enjoys being around people, especially kids and has a lot of love to give.  He just needs a family to share it with and he will be eternally grateful.

Jason is current on vaccinations, neutered, and micro-chipped.

If you are interested in adopting Jason, please contact Dawn Trimmel at or 414-426-4148.
  • Hometown Phuket, Thailand
  • Age 7 months
  • Estimated full grown weight 40 pounds
  • MALE