GREAT NEWS…. Jeneva went into a foster to adopt this week with Jenny Escalante of Chicago, IL.  Jeneva is a rescue from the streets of Muscat, Oman.  She was left for dead on the streets after being shot by a police officer.  Luckily it was not a fatal shot and she has recovered well despite having a bullet lodged in her nose.

Jenny is so excited to welcome Jeneva to her home and so far things are going very well.  Jenny has a cat named Jerry who acts like a dog and Jeneva is rather cat like so we have a feeling they will hit it off fabulously.  Jenny was so well prepared to bring Jeneva home and even had a “Welcome Home” sign made for her.  This sweet girl couldn’t be in better hands.  So happy for the 3 of them.

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9 months old


32 lbs

spayed / fully vetted


Jeneva was rescued in the town of Muscat in Oman.  Someone from the neighborhood noticed this puppy laboring to breathe and brought her in from the streets.
X-rays determined that Jeneva was shot and has a bullet in her nose.  This is quite common in Oman, where the police have the authority to shoot any street dog and will often shoot dogs for no reason at all, often wounding them but not killing leaving them to die a slow painful death on the streets.
She has fully recovered and amazing loves people even after all she has been through.  This little girl loves life and wants to share her love with every human she comes into contact with.
She is a very friendly girl, who loves Karl, Marx and Sharola – her foster siblings.  She also hangs out with her sibling cats and runs up to every person to lick them to death.
I hope someone will open up their heart to her too.
Jeneva arrived into Chicago on November 27, 2016 and is looking for her home.  She is in foster care in Wadsworth, IL and doing great.  She is a lover and very well socialized with people including kids, others dogs and even cats.  Although being so young she has a calm temperament and great house manners.  She is very low maintenance.   She just wants to give and receive love.  She is very nurturing and mothers the puppies she is fostered with and looks out for everyone.

If you are interested in adopting JENEVA, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here


  • hometown Muscat, Oman
  • Age / Weight 9 months / 35 lbs
  • gender female