BEST NEWS EVER…. Kalu is HOME!! Today Kalu joined my brother and his wife Hunter and Lindsey Trimmel and their wonderful kids Lily and Madden!!!

Kalu is a rescue from India who traveled back with me on my recent trip to find his happiness. Today his dreams came true and a wonderful new chapter begins. One filled with love, happiness and wonderful new adventures.

A more loving and gentle dog could not be found. Kalu is a perfect fit for my brother and his family. The kids loved him and he was loving all the attention. By the end of the day when it came time for us to leave he walked towards the door with us and then turned around and laid down on his new dog bed as if to say “I love you but I am home now and I am staying here”

Thank you Sonia and Dieter Heller for saving Kalu and giving him such loving care in New Delhi. Thank you Hunter, Lindsey, Madden and Lily for opening your home and hearts to Kalu!

Kalu’s rescue story as written by his rescuer Sonia Heller in New Delhi India.

Kalu was living with a farmer who had a few cows on a little piece of land, along the road to our house. We noticed Kalu a few times on the way, also when we stopped to feed some dogs; Kalu was very friendly gentle, and always waited for his turn, to avoid any kind of conflict. Once we spoke to the farmer who told us that he was “his” dog and he had named him Kalu, which means black in Hindi. From one day to another though, the farmer and his cows all vanished. As long as we can remember, we always saw him with his cows there since we came in India in 2011, so this was totally unexpected. We didn’t see Kalu for a while and thought he went with the farmer. After 3 weeks, we thought we spotted him, but he was unrecognisable, emaciated, not moving, lying in the mud nearby a busy road intersection. We called him, he started to whine but didn’t stand up. We went to him, he licked our hands frenetically, wiggling his tail so we knew it was him. We picked him up and brought him to the vet. He had parasites in his stomach and intestines, and also a heavy ticks infestation, which were most probably never removed while he was living with the farmer.
Now Kalu’s doing fine, playing with the others, running in the garden and always asking for food. He reminds us of Clyde who was also mad about food. Kalu must be about 1 year and has been neutered already by someone a while ago, certainly not the farmer. Kalu is a very peaceful & loving boy, never barking, happy to make friend with everyone he meets, both dogs and humans. He’s fully vaccinated.
Kalu journeyed with Slash to Chicago from India, with Founder Dawn Trimmel on March 12, 2016.  He is currently in foster care in Wonder Lake, IL.  Foster mom, Dawn says Kalu is one of the most loving and well mannered foster dogs she has had.  He is a joy to be around and he loves to be with people, including kids.  He has wonderful house manners and a loving, sweet, and calm temperament.  He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and chewing bones.
If you are interested in adopting this sweet, handsome boy please contact Dawn Trimmel at 414-426-4148 or at
  • Hometown New Delhi, INDIA
  • Age/Weight 1.5 years/40 pounds
  • Gender MALE