GREAT NEWS! KAPLAN is now in his new home in Richmond, IL. Erica & Michael Hunter adopted Kaplan last night. Kaplan was rescued from the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. We are so very happy for this sweet boy who has been thru so much. Kaplan now has a very sweet K-9 sister named Elly.

Thank you to everyone who helped Kaplan along his journey. As always it is only through the efforts of many that these dogs can be given a second chance. Each one is a little miracle sent with so much love and hope for the others that are left behind.

A special thanks to Erica and Michael for opening their hearts and home to this very special boy.

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Kaplan’s Story:

Kaplan: a name given to a tiger in Turkish however this young boy has a heart of a bird and a soul of an innocent deer. This poor boy had a sister whom he was very attached to, they were both found in a cemetery, with other siblings with a severe case of mange. The other siblings gave up to hunger and thirst and illness, could not make it. Kaplan and his sister would not be able to make it either if their savior wasn’t there on time. They were taken to the vet clinic and they had to stay on IV and urgent care for two weeks. They were only two months when they were saved. Kaplan loved his sister very much, he relied on her in playing and sleeping, and they both lived in a pansyon with many many dogs around. He  is very good with other dogs, shy with some people. One day when they were both in a walk with their walker, Kaplan’s sister gets out of her own collar and runs away to get killed by a car on the road. Kaplan is in depressed mood at the moment, he is very sad for the loss of his sister, he does not want to eat, however he can’t say no to wet food or chicken 🙂 Kaplan is lonely and he needs a warm sweet heart, which can comfort him and gives him all the care he needs to move on with his life.  

Kaplan is 6 months old handsome young boy, neutered and up to date with shots.   Kaplan will be arriving on January 3, 2016 to find his forever home.

Please contact Dawn Trimmel at 414-426-4148 or email at if you are interested in adopting. You can find our adoption application here.

  • hometown Istanbul, Turkey
  • age / weight 6 months / 25-30 pounds
  • gender male