GREAT NEWS…. Finley found his person today. Finley is a dog meat trade survivor from Thailand who lived for over a year at a government run shelter before making his long journey to Chicago last summer.

He joined Sharon Nystrom of McHenry, IL today. Finley suffers from severe separation anxiety which is why his former mom tragically was no longer able to keep him. The one thing that seems to help is the companionship of another dog.

Sharon has another dog in her home and between her family members someone is almost always home so I think this could be the perfect match. Sharon tells me that Fin has taken over her bed and it is his favorite place to hang out.  He has been settling in very well and seems very happy.

Finley certainly loves Sharon already as you can see by his grin in the picture and ….well both of their faces says it all. The love between them is mutual.

Thank you Sharon for opening your home and most importantly your heart with sweet Finley.

Pre-Adoption Post

Finley is a 2 year old boy, weighing just 25 pounds and resembling a little fox.  Fin is a survivor of the dog meat trade in Thailand and has lived for a year and a half at a government shelter in Thailand with over 1000 other dogs.  He arrived to Chicago in the summer of 2015.

If you are looking for a loving low maintenance dog Finley is the dog for you.  You would think that he has lived in a home his entire life as he has excellent house manners, a calm temperament and is quite simply a very good boy.  His biggest need and desire is to give and receive love. Fin is a cuddler and loves nothing more than to curl up next to his human and receive attention.  He greets everyone with tail wags and smiles.  He loves all people including children and gets along great with other dogs.  Fin would do best in a home where people are home most of the time as he is very attached to his people and can get anxious when left home alone.  Having another dog in the house seems to help his anxiety.
Fin is neutered, current on vaccinations, and micro-chipped.
If you are interested in adopting Finley please contact Dawn Trimmel at 414-426-4148.
  • Hometown Buriam, Thailand
  • Age 2 years
  • Weight 25 pounds
  • MALE