GREAT NEWS…… Kiera is HOME just a couple days after her arrival from Tunisia! She is a very lucky girl to have found her parents…George and Ellen Lundeen Moline, IL! If she had stayed in Tunisia her chances of adoption would have been slim to none. Hard to believe for such a cute young pup but the sad reality ..;(

No more sadness for Kiera – she is about to become a very loved and spoiled American Princess. Mom Ellen is so very excited to welcome her in her family and wants to do all in her power to make up for her rough start in life.

Thank you to Azza and Yasmine Mallick for rescuing this precious girl and to Tina Smothers for journeying half way around the world to bring her to the US. Angels do walk among us.

Most of all thank you to George and Ellen for opening their hearts and home to this sweet girl.

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4 month old


Keira is rescued from the streets of Tunisia.

KEIRA’s Rescue Story

     Woof!  I am a friendly, happy girl with a lovely temperament!  You would never guess that my first life experiences in Tunisia were terrible.  I am a lucky dog who was saved, but unfortunately, my rescue story is an all too-common situation in my country.
     I was bought from a breeder when I was two months-old.  My purpose was to amuse a young boy in a rural countryside family.  I was tied-up all day only to be untied when the child wanted to play with me.  We never had adult supervision, so the boy used me as a punching bag.  He also pulled me all over the farm – by my tail.  For one of his “games,” he enjoyed suffocating me.
     One day, he strangled me so tightly, that my body did not want to get up.  I remained lifeless in the grass.
     The child’s parents did not know what to do.  They called a neighbor for help, and this compassionate person convinced them to release me into her care.
     Wow, was I thankful to be away from that family!  The neighbor revived me, and she is now my foster mom!  Now, I am such a joyful, playful puppy.  I love life, and I love everyone and everything around me.
     When you meet me, you will want to kiss my unique face and spotted belly forever!
Love, Keira