GREAT NEWS…. NASH IS HOME!! Today Nash joined the Buteyn’s of Fond Du Lac, WI. Nash arrived this Thursday from Isatanbul, Turkey.

Nash was born on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey and was rescued young just In the nick of time after being badly abused by some young children. Simge, Nash’s savior got her the medical treatment she needed and took her to safety. Simge is a saint to many street dogs in Turkey. Unfortunately, there are millions of homeless dogs who suffer on the streets in Turkey and around the world. Most have no hope of a better future or second chance as most locals don’t view street dogs as adoptable pets but rather as nuisances. Chances of local adoption are slim to none. Hard to believe – look at this beauty Nash – just wants to have a family to love.

Well today Nash’s dreams have come true almost a year after her rescue. Today she has a family who loves her and will cherish her for the rest of her days. A big family it is with lots of love to go around. Jessica and Scott and their 4 lovely children Cassidy, Karsyn, Jessica and Kylie.

Nash even has a K-9 brother named Ely who is a beautiful playful German Sheppard who is grieving the loss of his brother AJ who sadly past away this week. The whole family is grieving but knew that they had love left in their hearts to offer another rescue in need and that Ely needed a companion. Did I mention Nash also has a beautiful wooded 5 acre yard to play in?

Nash could not have gotten any luckier finding a family. My heart is singing today for Nash and her lovely family!

My name is Nash
My name is Nash (short for neşeli) short for happy in Turkish; I am a rescue female dog from the streets of Istanbul. I was nearly 3 months old when some good people, in a fancy neighborhood in Istanbul, found me. They looked taller than the ones who were dragging me around. I had a rope tide around my neck by some kids; I thought I was going to die when I was found. They were dragging me while I wanted to play with them. I had some injuries though and I was hurting. The good people saved me from the hand of these kids and took me to the vet and there I was in safer hands. Later I was taken to my foster mom “Simge”. She took very good care of me with my other street brother Turbo. However we could not stay very long because she was very busy saving other dogs in the forests and the streets. We grew up in her house then moved to a boarding facility that she owned, while she kept her eyes on us for the whole time. Now she is sending us to Chicago to ISDF to find our forever homes.
I am extremely happy, playful dog; I love other dogs and kids. I don’t like barking or chewing on your stuff. I love toys though; they love me very much at the boarding facility because I am good with leash and not aggressive at all. No one is sure if I am ok with cats, all you have to do is to find out yourself  Very smart dog can learn very fast.
Puppies are always cute and sweet, till they grow to be rumbustious and too large to be kept in an apartment. But they cannot survive the streets on their own. People take puppies inside their homes then a year later they kick them out to the streets or the forests. Some neighborhoods in Istanbul are aware of their street dogs; you can see some dogs live in front of an apartment, waiting for leftovers from their human friends. However streets are never safe environment for any dog in any city. Zipping cars, mean kids or adults, exposed to abuse, torture. Harsh weather conditions are not ok for any domestic animals, being wet in a snowy day or extremely thirsty in very hot day can kill those poor dogs. And now with a new trend of dogfights, dogs disappear from streets in accessions assuming they end up in dog fighting facilities, which has been ignored nor controlled by the Turkish government.
Additionally; within the law, individuals can also call to complain to the city municipals to remove the streets dogs from their fancy neighborhoods. One call is enough to make a horrific removal of the dogs, either poising them or dump them into the forests. The forests of Istanbul are packed with unwanted dogs, shelter systems are not similar to U.S. shelters they do not put unwanted dogs to sleep, however some dogs can spend their most of their lives in a shelter, since there is no such a trend as adopting from shelters. Some shelters are acceptable and some are very bad that dogs are dying from hunger.
The good news is, the lives of these dogs depend mostly on volunteer work, awareness is rising, regular forest feedings are happening,
Volunteers do pay regular visits to shelters and expose any negligence or incidence. People like Simge, who work so hard and spend most of their money on vet bills to save those innocent lives, many volunteers do push the “adopt and do not buy”, “spay and neuter” policies. However it is not enough, way too many dogs are on the streets and forests, and way more dangers wait for them.
Our aim is to share pictures and stories of these dogs while they are in their forever homes pampered and taken good care of, and spread the awareness of how these dogs are very appreciated here in US and the Turkish people should take action and stop supporting petshops and puppy mills.
NASH was found when she was 3 months old in a neighborhood on the Bosporus in Istanbul. Beautiful neighborhood, people there buy their dogs from petshops rather than rescue them from the streets. Nash had a rope tied to her neck that was nearly choking her.  She was also being harassed by other big dogs on the street. Good-hearted people recued her and brought to her foster mom, whom is a big animal lover. Nash is extremely playful, likes toys and other dogs. She is playful, good with kids and other dogs. She’s not a barker and she’s good on leash.  Very smart dog can learn very fast.

Nash is 1 yr old and weighs 50 pounds.  She is spayed, completed vetted and the picture of health.

Nash will be flying to Chicago with Turbo on June 16 to find her forever home.

If you are interested in adopting NASH, please contact Dawn Trimmel at or 414-426-4148.


  • HOMETOWN Istanbul, Turkey
  • AGE 1 year
  • WEIGHT 55 pounds