GREAT NEWS… Ruby is HOME!! Ruby is a tri-pod rescued from the streets of New Delhi, India. Yesterday she joined Amy and Shane Kuester of LakeMoor, IL. And their 2 year old son Charlie.

Amy wanted to have a dog who was a cuddler and well Ruby is the ultimate cuddler so it was a sealed deal when Ruby jumped on couch next to Amy and snuggled right in next to her …😉. The snuggling continued when they got home with their son Charlie. Lots of cuddles and kisses!

Words can’t describe the magic that occurs when the right dog finds the right family. Couldn’t be happier for Ruby and her new family!

Thank you to Meredith Allen and Swati who made this all possible by rescuing this sweet girl and working so hard to give her this second chance… a chance at happiness she would not have had if she had stayed in India.

Most of all thank you to the Kuester’s for welcoming Ruby into your hearts and home.

You too can save a life…

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3 years old

43 pounds

spayed / current on vaccinations / micro chipped


Has your daily routine become dull? Would you like to add sparkle to your life? My name is Ruby, and I am the perfect gem to welcome to your family! I have a shining personality, and I will brighten even your darkest day!
I had some pretty dark days, myself, when I was a street dog in New Delhi, India. In late fall 2016, my rescuer saw me in the dirt near an extremely busy road. She noticed that I had difficulty walking, so she stopped her car. I love people, and I was thrilled to have a visitor! Then, I introduced her to my children. Yes, my six pups were nearby. My babies were in reasonable health and also very happy to greet her! This compassionate woman noticed that my front right leg had been injured some time ago, and that it had “frozen” at a 90-degree angle. When I walked, I would lower my body to use my leg; however, it never actually touched the ground. I thought I was using it, but I wasn’t.
My rescuer connected with some other kind animal welfare volunteers, and my pups and I were rescued from the street. We spent several months in a beautiful boarding facility with a huge property. Although I was always friendly and loving during my time at boarding, I was depressed. Being a mom was difficult, and this litter was probably not my first time at motherhood since I’m about three years-old. In January, my babies were old enough to be adopted. A wonderful, passionate lady, Swati, and her group, Paws for A Cause, arranged local adoptions for all six of my pups! This news was very exciting since most local adopters prefer “purebred” pups.
Before the babies joined their new homes, tragedy struck my family. We became ill with a horrible virus called distemper. Three of my pups died. With time and care, the three other pups and I recovered. We underwent the proper tests, and the results were negative. Thankfully, the adopters still welcomed my babies, and they are all doing well!
By early spring, my depression had lifted, and I was truly enjoying my life. Currently, I live in another boarding facility, but I am also being fostered there. It is a real home environment where I have experienced day-to-day routines and socialization. A consultation with the vet determined that my leg was useless, and that amputation would provide better movement and prevent injuries as I aged. In April, my leg was amputated, and I have been healing beautifully! Now, I run in the yard with my canine friends and move easily and comfortably.
While I adore wonderful foster parents and all my pals, I am ready to move onto the next phase of my life! I am an easy-going, loving, peaceful girl, and I weigh about 45 pounds. I have a thick coat, fluffy ears, and stunning caramel eyes. I also have a spotted belly and love getting it rubbed! I am fine in the company of other dogs, but I don’t really like playing with them. I just enjoy relaxing! I am a smart, confident, healthy survivor, and I can’t wait to be the gleaming jewel in your life!


RUBY arrives in Chicago June 13, 2017.  You can find our adoption application here.  You must be approved for adoption prior to scheduling meet and greet.


  • hometown New Delhi, India
  • AGE / WEIGHT 3 yrs / 45 pounds
  • gender female