GREAT NEWS…. Sage is HOME! Sage now named Banelli has joined Chad Newman of Crystal Lake, IL and foster (maybe soon to be permanent) dog Beni …😉

Sage was rescued from the streets of Tunisia. Her rescuers Yasmine and Azza Malalk knew that she would not survive long given her sweet and trusting temperament. And so they moved mountains to ensure she was given a chance to live as a cherished pet and to be loved.

Chad saw Sage’s picture and fell in love long distance. He waited a couple months for her to arrive in the states and …. the wait was worth it for both of them. A perfect match.

Banelli now leads a charmed life … plays in yard during day, sleeps in his dad’s bed and goes boating sometimes on the weekends …😉. Ahhh…. the life! Destiny fulfilled.

Thank you Yasmine Azaiez Animal Rescue for helping to make this miracle happen. Without your hard work and dedication Sage may not be alive today.

You too can save a life.

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Pre-Adoption Rescue Story

Sage will be arriving in early June and has a home waiting for her… 🙂

SAGE’S STORY as written by rescuer Azza Malalk

Sage was found chained on a short leash to an olive tree for many months in the countryside of Tunisia. The only food that was given her were old pieces or dry bread and most of the time, no water. The rescuer saw this dog every day while passing by, day after day in the insufferable heat and tried to talk to the heartless owner who refused to give her up. The rescuer noticed that the animal was starved, full of huge ticks and sores from sitting on the rocks for so long. Finally, the rescuer threatened to go to the police and file a case for animal cruelty and the owner complied. we are so thankful to this kind woman.

Sage is spayed, current on vaccinations, and micro-chipped.  Sage is approximately 1.5 years old and 40 pounds.  She is good with cats, dogs, and all people.  Despite her rough past she is very trusting and loving – a true testament to the resiliency of dogs.  Sage will be forever grateful to the family that welcomes her into their home.  Could you be the family that she is searching and yearning for?

Sage will be arriving into Chicago from Tunisia in May 2017.

If you are interested in adopting please contact us at  You can find our adoption application here.


  • Weight 40 pounds
  • FEMALE Home Country
  • Tunisia AGE
  • 1.5 years