July 2014

Sen Yai (formerly Jacob) is HOME! Sen Yai is a rescue from Thailand who arrived in Chicago with flight volunteer Natalie Sarny. He was rescued from a life of hardship on the streets of Thailand by Tamara Johnston; he was in poor condition when she found him but he bounced back wonderfully in her loving home. He was adopted just one day after arriving in the US, by Stephanie Bastek and Phil Morley, who fell in love with the street dogs of Thailand after a six-month trip farming in Southeast Asia. He is now living the good life with his feline brother, Miso, and his canine Sister, Poquita (a street dog from Puerto Rico) in a rowhouse where they plot world domination.

  • Hometown Songkhla, Thailand
  • Adopted by Stephanie Bastek
  • Rescued by Tamara Johnston
  • New Home Washington, DC