GREAT NEWS! This beautiful Shiva the Diva from Mumbai, India has gone to her fur-ever home. Jackie Jensen of Naperville, Il met Shiva last night and fell in love. Thank you Akanksha for saving her.



Also known as “Shiva the Diva”

Shiva’s Rescue Story as written by her rescuer Akanksha

Please say hello to Shiva … I have cared for her since she was a little pup on the streets of Mumbai (Bombay), India. Her mom was a regular on my daily feeding rounds. The mom had suffered a lot of cruelty on the streets and I gave her and her pups special attention, building a shelter for them, deworming them and taking care of their vaccinations.  One sad day, when Shiva was about 6 months old, I found her in extreme pain, helpless and bleeding badly, the victim of a hit-and-run driver. Her left leg was badly broken. To make things worse, people starting throwing rocks at Shiva, who was in shock and couldn’t move, as if that would get her out of their way.  Unfortunately, this is the reality of life for a lot of dogs in India.

Fortunately, we were able to have the surgery done the same day. The vet inserted a rod to stabilize the femur facture. Part of her leg bone was crushed in the accident and the vet advised us to restrict her movement to the minimum during the healing process. The risk was that the leg would be shortened as a result of the accident, so my family and I took turns holding her in our laps as much as possible over three months.  She was amazingly receptive to treatment. With prayers and lots of love and physiotherapy, she now runs and walks like a normal dog.  The rod has been removed from her leg and physiotherapy has restored her leg’s range of motion and strengthened her muscle mass.

Shiva is now about 2 years old, an affectionate and beautiful girl. She loves running and playing, she loves welcoming us when we come back home.  Shiva is a cuddler and a cooer, she specializes in making happy noises when she snuggles, she loves belly rubs and loves to sleep with her head on the pillow. Shiva likes to wear coats and she loves comfort and luxury (who doesn’t?). That’s why we call her “Shiva the Diva”….she must’ve been a lap dog in a previous life…

Shiva is comfortable walking on a leash and enjoys playing with other dogs. She understands “Sit!” and loves “Shake hands!” and likes to play “Catch me if you can!” in the backyard. She has a calm temperament for such a young dog. She is wise beyond her years.

Please help this beautiful, loving dog find her forever home.  She arrived into Chicago on February 18th.  She is fostered in Wadsworth, IL.  Unfortunately in her home country, India, it is close to impossible to find adoptive homes for street dogs.  Most street dogs will never have the chance to know the love and comfort of life with a family – but thanks to Akanksha- her savior Shiva will have this opportunity.

Akanksha and family, Mumbai, India

If you are interested in adopting Shiva, please contact Dawn at  You can find our adoption application here.


  • Home Town Mumbai, India
  • Age 2 years
  • Weight 40 Pounds
  • Spayed