Our sweet little Summer has been adopted to the warm and gentle family of Chris Getz and Kelly Thomas. This is a perfect fit especially considering that Chris will have off of work until March therefore allowing much needed one on one time with Summer! Summer will also be getting a new K-9 sister, Penny! Chris and Kelly are without a doubt some of the most caring and sweetest souls we have seen here at ISDF. They first met Summer at one of frequent adoption events here in McHenry, IL and it was love at first sight!


Pre-Adoption Rescue Story

Summer is 3 years old and weighing 25 pounds, who survived the brutal and illegal southeast Asian dog meat trade. After being rescued, Summer was sent to an overcrowded government livestock center where dogs lived almost literally on top of dogs – there were so many of the dogs who were ‘saved’, only to have nowhere good to go! Summer was one of the luckiest ones – a kind overseas supporter sponsored her out of there, thanks to photos posted online. Summer flew to Elfesworld dog sanctuary on Koh Samui (Samui, Thailand.

Summer is one of Elfe’s dogs who can boast about having a “fairy godmother” – kind Diane Levinson of the USA has been my monthly sponsor since Summer arrived, supporting her food and medical bills.

However, although Elfesworld is a lovely place for its fortunate inhabitants, Summer was not faring well here. And Elfe – mama to all 650 of us – knew that Summer could not realize her true potential until Summer found a home to call her very own.

Elfe describes Summer as absolutely lovely – friendly, lively, affectionate, and constantly craving human affection. However, Summer loves people SO MUCH that she is motivated to jump or climb run fences and walls to follow Elfe and other workers and volunteers around, looking for extra love. This would normally be adorable and endearing – but where Summer lives, there are many dangers: cobras and other poisonous or dangerous critters; aggressive dogs in other runs who would be more than happy to punish Summer for intruding on their territory; zooming traffic around our sanctuary home…

To keep me safe, Summer must be kept penned up in a small cage when she cannot be directly supervised after her human carers or visitors leave her run. And life in a cage is truly no life at all.

Because of her situation, Elfe and Summer’s USA godmother, Diane, fret daily over her fate. Much time has passed, and although visitors and locals love Summer, none step forward to adopt me. My only chance for a real life with a family and home seems to be overseas.

Summer arrived into Chicago on Friday November 26th and is now on her way to her forever home in McHenry, IL! She is a total sweetheart and just loves being around people!


  • Hometown Koh Samui, THAILAND
  • Age/Weight 3 yrs/31 lbs
  • Gender Female spayed
  • Rescuer Elfesworld