Great News!  Zaiba has gone home with Panchi and Matt Vang of Kenosha, WI.  She will have a new fur-sibling 9 year old Teller as well.  Panchi and Matt tells me that Zaiba has fit in her family wonderfully and Teller and her are best friends already.

Thank you Omani Paws for taking such good care of Zaiba and giving her this second chance to lead a fulfilled life.  Most importantly thank you to Matt and Panchi for giving Zaiba such a loving home!

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Pre-Adoption Post

My name is Zaiba, I am a 5 and a half month old puppy from the streets of Muscat, Oman.

When I was only 8 weeks old I was found with 7 of my siblings in a public park.  We were alone and frightened as our mother wasn’t around and we don’t know why she left us.  But we heard someone say that she was probably killed by traffic or more likely Omani police.  I know she loved us very much and would not have abandoned us if she could have prevented it.

Lucky for me and my siblings Omani Paws Rescue came and picked us up.  My brother has left me too… although I hear he is in a loving forever home.  I’m not sure what that is but I hope to find out.  I am so thankful to my kind rescuer as if she hadn’t saved us when she did I don’t know that I would be alive today.  We were so scared and hungry. But now I am feeling much healthier after being vetted and given proper food and care.  I know I am very lucky and I will be eternally grateful to the kind people who helped me.  My foster family will miss me very much but they tell me that they want me to live a fulfilled life with a loving family where I can be the center of their attention.  It makes me sad to think of leaving my foster family but I know they have my best interests at heart so I have to trust them.

I love to play with dogs, cats, and humans. I have some neighbor K-9 friends who I often visit their house to play. I am well behaved and I walk perfectly on the leash and I am a clean girl who doesn’t leave a mess in the house! I will be arriving in Chicago soon to Chicago on Feb. 2nd.

Zaiba is fully vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped.

Zaiba currently weighs approximately 22 pounds and likely to be medium sized dog when fully grown – probably 35-45 pounds.

Oman is a country is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.  It is filled with wonderful national treasures, vivid landscapes….. and thousands of “wadi” street dogs.  These wadi dogs can be seen virtually everywhere.  Unfortunately, they face the same plight as many Muslim countries where dogs are generally viewed as unclean and not fit to be pets.  Dog ownership is rare and when they are owned they are usually not allowed in the house and are more often viewed as guard dogs left to roam the outside vicinity of the home.  The government doesn’t have humane animal welfare laws and worse yet police are given open rights to shoot “any and all” wadi dogs.  They don’t have to be a nuisance – they will be killed just for having the unfortunate luck of being born on the streets in Oman.  It is common practice and worse yet many are not killed instantly but suffer the slow painful death caused by festering gunshot wounds.  And if not killed by a gunshot the dogs die of diseases, starvation, heat strokes as the temperature can easily reach to 120 degrees in the summer. Most Omani wadi dogs don’t make it past 2-3 years!

Zaiba is a little bundle of love who is ready to make a very lucky family very happy.  She is a smart girl who learns quickly and should do well in most any household.  The most important thing is that they family LOVE her and how could you not?!  Adopter will need to continue her obedience training and be able to provide sufficient exercise.

Please contact Dawn Trimmel at if you are interested in adopting. You can find our adoption application here.  You must be approved prior to meet and greet.

  • hometown Oman
  • age / weight 5 months old / 25 lbs
  • gender female