GREAT NEWS! Hannah and Zoey have been adopted!
Yvonne Cole and her daughters Zoey and Bailey from Michigan near Grand Rapids came to adopt Hannah but fell in love with Zoey too. Hannah and Zoey are good friends and now they will get to be sisters.

Thank you to all who have helped these sweet dogs and worked so hard to ensure they had a second chance in life.  Especially, Isobel Grant, Premlata Choudhary (Hannah), and Wani Muthiah and Melinda Joy of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (Zoey).

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Zoey’s Story:

They say dogs have a strong intuition and know where to go for help when in danger and that is probably the case with Zoey. Believed to have escaped the dog catcher’s noose, the young dog ran ten flights of stairs to take refuge on the rooftop of an apartment in in the suburbs of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur. Zoey’s was spotted running up the stairs by a resident who feed her daily and kept her hidden there while she sought for help. After days of looking around, the elderly lady finally found Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and pleaded for help. MDDB immediately sent a volunteer over who went and removed Zoey from there. She was then admitted to a veterinary to be quarantined, vaccinated and spayed. Initially frightened and reserved, Zoey has blossomed into a happy and socialble doggy girl the one year she spent at MDDB’s half way home. Zoey will make a wonderful family pet.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia like many countries around the world, the street dogs have very little chance of local adoption and overseas adoption is often their only chance.

ZOEY  arrived in Chicago December 7, 2016 and is doing really well.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body and is very sweet.  Her eyes look very soulful and that combined with her wrinkled brow give her a very serious and concerned look most time.  She is shy and cautious around new people and still learning to trust and let her guard down but we see improvements every day.  She gets along well with other dogs and has great house manners.  Zoey would do best in a home with an experienced adopter who has the patience to let her blossom.  Oh and she doesn’t like the snow… 🙂

If you are interested in adopting ZOEY, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148 or at  You can find our adoption application here

  • hometown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • age / weight 1 yr / 40 lbs
  • gender female