Tragedy in Jordan

Tragedy in Jordan

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   Tragedy in Jordan: Canaan Dogs – Street Dogs of Jordan 

Jordan is country accommodating millions of refugees for a very longtime, yet this hospitability is totally different when it comes to DOGS, the culture and traditions consider dogs as impure mainly street dogs (Canaan) and therefore street dogs must be poisoned shot, burnt or buried alive and anyone in the country has an open license to shoot a dog; This is beside uncontrolled breeding for foreigner breeds Like Pitbull, Huskies, Poodles which we will come on them later.

Local adoption for Jordan street dogs is almost 0%, while abuse for street dogs by children, municipalities and adults reach 100%, being a street dog in Jordan means hell and death sentence.

When it comes to dog facilities, there are no parks or play areas in Jordan and you cannot walk your dog in public streets because as mentioned below culture and traditions consider dogs as IMPURE, People often tend to cut off ears and tail of small street puppies, feed these to their breed  dogs (for unknown reason) and leave the small puppies in agony,  The Veterinary Clinic is basic  and primary which add another trauma to the life of animals, Spay and Neuter  do not exist in the Jordanian dictionary; this is beside having  NOT ONE  single shelter. What has been conveyed is only part of the unbelievable norms and facts that stick to the culture and behaviors towards street dogs in Jordan and as such there is daily suffering of street Canaan dogs of Jordan for the foreseeable future.

This is why advocates and volunteers do their job through volunteer groups and try to be the VOICE of VOICELESS.

Municipalities in Jordan have a policy resembling the worst forms of torture and cruelty against street dogs, randomly send their snipers to shoot dogs who are either killed on spot, of being left alone to die alone or paralyzed, people get free poisons from Department of Agriculture Affairs to put it among food for street dogs and cats (Combat Street Animals – Dogs and Cat) and for absolutely no reasons foster HUMAN CRUELTY.

Recently the religious leader of Jordan, issued a statement allowing people to shoot street dogs and municipalities supported by sending snipers everywhere to randomly kill dogs the price per each killed dog is 5 USD!!!  There is no difference for sniper for lactating doggie, puppy or sick dog – all should be killed to get the 5 USD!!! . The reported AVERAGE number of killed dogs in 1 month exceeded 3000 dogs – of pure innocent souls – who were killed just  or left with bullets attacking their fragile bodies.

It doesn’t end here….. Volunteers often find dogs raped (yes raped) burnt with chemicals, drag by a car or buried alive, starved, cut with knives and many of the other horror practices that HUMANS cannot tolerate.

Considering this local volunteers have the choice to expand network and started networking with adopters and groups internationally and mainly in the USA to give a ray of hope for these innocent souls and it is proving to be working J because those dogs and cats deserve a life and a chance. Volunteers and International Adopters do believe that the lives of street Dogs do matter.  Although we can’t save them all – we believe each life matter.

ISDF is proud to partner with Maha Katami of Jordan in this nobel cause.  Please stay tuned for our first Jordanian rescues…. Coming soon!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Edmund Burke

About Canaan Dogs – Jordan Street Dogs

The street dogs of Jordan are Canaan mix, Canaan dogs are breed of Pariah dog , so has been existence in Middle East for thousands of years , mainly they are one of the ancient  dogs in the world.  They are medium size can grow to 50 lbs, short to medium hair

In General Canna dogs do not suffer hereditary problems in their genes and so considered one of the healthiest dog.

Temperament: Smart, Intelligent, quick learners and social dogs and a good family dog who companion adults and children.

Stabbing innocent dogs with knives and pipes is very common.

Run over by a car – infection caused amputation









Starvation and dog bait

Cutting ears and tail, even in refugee camps

And this is why we need to raise awareness these are precious lives, despite all the cruel treatment they passed through – they remain very innocent and super friendly.

P.S: All The dogs listed here have got treated and adopted to wonderful families in US




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  1. Gloria Roll

    Hoping and praying for this to help Maha with her efforts!!
    We love our Canaan Jordan rescue, Elsa, and have found her to have all the positive attributes that are listed above! A very unique, special dog that shares love, she is alert, sweet, trainable, and sensitive, friendly to all and simply beautiful! Everyone responds to her and she to them. We have yet to explore all her capabilities, having only had her join our family since last June. She loves to run fast, dig out and catch rats, chase squirrels, rabbits – guard her home, play contentedly with toys, and initiates snuggling and cuddles!!